The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the base of the ribcage, just above the navel and resonates to the frequency of the colour YELLOW. This chakra is the third energy center in the body and is where we define ourselves through the choices we make. We radiate our unique Light to the world through the Solar Plexus which is literally at the center of our Being. This is where our sense of personal power, or Will Power, resides.

We experience our I AM presence in the Solar Plexus and have an opportunity to cultivate our authentic Self. Here we can discover the spiritual truth Honour the Self – in a self-loving and nurturing way.

In this energy centre, we have access to our Free Will and Sovereignty. We experience empowerment when we make choices that are aligned with our Highest Good, as opposed to choosing from old emotional patterns and habits that result in self-defeating thoughts and actions. We are recreated through an act of will when we focus on conscious choice rather than falling into unconscious habit.

When the energy of this chakra is connected to another person horizontally, rather than vertically to Source, we experience neediness and tend to give up control of our lives. When we make choices for the sake of external validation, rather than from a centered inner knowingness, we give our power away. We lose our sense of freedom and authentic identity when we seek for it outside of ourselves. This dynamic is often created in childhood with an overbearing parent and continues into adult relationships if it remains unconscious and unhealed.

Visualizing and immersing oneself in the colour YELLOW brings balance to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Balance in this chakra gives us the experience of self-respect, self-love and acceptance, confidence and authentic power. Activating our Free Will by making choices that genuinely resonate for us, rather than serve others, empowers us to stand in our sovereignty and be who we truly are, and in so doing, we are able to unleash our unique gifts to the world!

More subtle ways of incorporating yellow tones into our interior environments can be achieved through the materials we choose. Natural materials such as brass, wicker and light woods give off a golden hue without being too vibrant or bold.

Get creative and have fun exploring how adding specific colours for specific purposes has the power to change how you feel and function in your home or work environments. Contact us to book a free intro call with Jana to discuss the possibilities.


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