What is “Colour Therapy”?

Colour is a subtle, yet powerful, force which can have a profound impact on the human experience of being. It is such an unusual entity in that it carries an energetic frequency, is capable of evoking an emotional response and, although colour has a perceived physicalness about it, it is comprised of wavelengths of light particles.

Colour has the ability to enhance a physical environment and, in doing so, it can affect our personal experience of that space. Culturally, certain colours convey specific meanings, for example, the colour red in Chinese culture connotes good luck.

In the realm of interior design, coloured materials are used to create a client’s desired outcomes. Colour can be stimulating or relaxing, depending on the combinations chosen. Contrasting colours (those located opposite to each other on the colour wheel) tend to energize or invigorate, while analogous colours (those located adjacent to each other on the colour wheel) tend to calm or soothe.

An intentional selection of colour has the potential to provide a greater sense of health and well-being and this is the basis for using colour as a therapeutic instrument.

Colour Therapy is a healing modality using colours and their frequencies to heal emotional and physical imbalances. In ancient Vedic teachings, each energy centre, or “chakra”, in the body relates to a particular state of being and resonates to a particular colour frequency. There are 7 chakras in the human body and from the lowest to the highest chakra, they resonate to the 7 colours in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. 

As it relates to interior design, Colour Therapy is a unique practice of saturating a space in very specifically selected colours which can subtly bring about balance in our energies, impacting our sense of wellbeing, harmony and wholeness.

Watch for more posts in the future focusing on each chakra and how immersing oneself in colours related to these chakras can enhance and elevate our state of being in specific areas of life.

To book a Colour Specification Package, which includes Colour Therapy, for your home or office, fill in the contact form here or reach out to Jana directly.

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