RED: The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the torso and resonates to the frequency of the colour red. This chakra, being the place from which humans are conceived and birthed into the world, contains the most primal energy. Our legs and feet are physical extensions of this chakra, much like a tree’s roots. This is the place where energy meets matter, where our Beingness connects the Heavens and the Earth.

In the Root Chakra, we have the opportunity to experience the spiritual truth that All is One. Concepts around material and physical survival, ethnic identity, clan, tribe or race are held in the Root Chakra and are conditioned by our ancestry. In ancient times, when living conditions were much more challenging and potentially dangerous, we learned to rely on our family or tribe for survival because there was strength in numbers. The attitudes carried by our family and passed down our lineage throughout history, beliefs about how life should be, are stored in the energy of the Root Chakra. These include ideas about family values, religious beliefs, and cultural biases. We learned that we needed to adhere to these ideas in order to belong to the group, and belonging was a matter of survival.

Any upheaval in family history, such as financial crisis, poverty, displacement, and wars, impact the Root Chakra. If we grew up with a family history of scarcity and lack, hardship and struggle, we may unconsciously carry the belief that life is difficult, harsh and unpleasant, regardless of our current circumstances. We may encounter limits to our potential that are antiquated and unnecessary, based in attitudes that arose in a different time. When these attitudes get passed down from generation to generation without question of their validity or relevance, life begins to fulfill on them and disease patterns can emerge, triggered by stress or crisis.

Visualizing and immersing oneself in red tones can bring balance to the Root Chakra and the unconscious beliefs stored there. Balance in this chakra can generate feelings of stability and security, which form the foundations of a thriving, fulfilling life.

The benefits one can achieve in balancing the Root chakra from immersion and exposure to rich red colours can easily be applied to our interior environments through colour specifications. Pops of bright red as an accent colour in a space also brings warmth and character. 

This can also be done more subtly. Implementing the addition of intentional red selections into the design of our home and business environments does not always have to involve highly saturated, vibrant reds. We can also achieve this goal by using more muted and neutralized reds, such as those found in rust colours and brick.

Get creative and have fun exploring how adding specific colours for specific purposes has the power to change how you feel and function in your home or work environments. Contact us to book a free intro call with Jana to discuss the possibilities.


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