The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest and resonates to the frequency of the colour GREEN. The Heart Chakra is the fourth energy center in the body and the center-point connecting the lower and the upper chakras. It is unique to other chakras because it also resonates to a secondary colour – the colour PINK.

This is the chakra where we have access to our experience of Love – intimate love, self-love and unconditional love. At the Heart Chakra, we can discover the Spiritual truth Love is Divine Power. Love is the creative force of the Universe. It is no coincidence that the plant kingdom, which offers us sustenance and oxygen to live and breathe, is predominated with various shades and tones of the colour GREEN. It is the Earth’s loving offering to support Life on this planet.

Qualities associated with the Heart Chakra include compassion, worthiness, acceptance and abundance. As humans, Love is our essential nature and it is abundantly present when we are able to let go of the past and live fully in the NOW.

When we are stuck in thought patterns generated by past traumas, we close our hearts and awareness to the ever-presence of Divine Love and can thus experience blocks and imbalances in this chakra.

When we have experienced heartache in life, we can have a tendency to close off the heart as a protective mechanism to prevent ourselves from experiencing further heartache. But, in truth, Love is the antidote to Fear.

Visualizing and immersing oneself in the colour GREEN (or PINK) brings balance to the Heart Chakra. Adding green or pink hues to our environments can subtly yet profoundly impact our awareness and experience of Love. Amplifying our awareness of Love, brings more of the same into our lives.

One simple way to add green hues to our interior environments is to bring potted plants into the space. As well as the visual stimulation of being in a space saturated with the colour Green, the act of nurturing and caring for our house plants cultivates the qualities of the Heart Chakra.

One of my favourite ways to add pops of bright colour into a space is through select items of coloured glass.

There are also more subtle ways of incorporating the colours green and pink into our interior environments through using more neutralized earthy tones.

For example, the difference between highly saturated pink:

And a neutralized earthy pink:

Other examples of neutralized tones of green and pink…

Get creative and have fun exploring how adding specific colours for specific purposes has the power to change how you feel and function in your home or work environments. Contact us to book a free intro call with Jana to discuss the possibilities.


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