About Us

“My work matters because people spend a lot of time in their living and working environments. They should be immersed in colours, textures and forms that bring them joy, aliveness and reflect the true essence of who they are.”

– Jana Razga



is to create beauty, harmony, comfort and functionality through communication {listening, sharing, understanding}, building relationships and seeking out dynamic solutions, while delivering the best value.



 is to bring purpose and meaning to spaces by using mindfully curated elements of colour, texture, light and form, planning spaces for best efficiency, and clearing environments for increased productivity.


Core Values

are Accountability, Ethics, Integrity, Collaboration and Cooperation, Communication, Teamwork, Brilliance, Creative Excellence, Expressive Fresh Ideas, Sustainability.


Jana razga

Jana Razga moved to Vancouver after completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Alberta. She had majored in Anthropology because she wanted to learn as much as she could about the people of the world. After spending 8 months on an international exchange program and living with the Dayak people in Borneo, she knew she did not want to be an academic! She was much more drawn to hands-on learning and growth. 

Shortly after arriving in Vancouver, Jana was hired to create the Cannabis Café – the first of its kind in Canada. The café still exists today, under new management with a new name (The New Amsterdam Café at 301 West Hastings Street in Vancouver), and many of the original design elements Jana created, such as the exposed brick feature wall, the crown moldings and the stained-glass transom, remain intact. It was this project which ignited her passion for design.

She studied chakra meditation and dance, briefly owned her own textile design studio and belonged to a natural building collective while living on the Sunshine Coast. Eventually, Jana studied Interior Design at BCIT to pursue her love for creating beautiful spaces, which is what brought her to her current home nestled on the North Shore mountains.

Jana is drawn to designing functional, livable, luxurious interiors with sustainability and environmental impact in mind. Inspired by nature, particularly the rugged, salty coastline of British Columbia, she loves working with natural fibers, stone and reclaimed woods.

what is

Colour Therapy?

Colour is a subtle, yet powerful, force! It is such an unusual entity in that it carries an energetic frequency, is capable of evoking an emotional response in sentient beings and although colour has a physicalness about it, it is actually a wavelength of light particles.

Colour Therapy is a healing modality using colours and their frequencies to heal emotional and physical imbalances. As it relates to interior design, this is a unique practice of saturating a space in very specifically selected colours which naturally impact one’s sense of wellbeing and wholeness.